Tell us, who are you ?

Alphonsine was a modest woman from the Auvergne who wanted to receive the people she loved, she could listen very well but also liked to share, especially her famous "tarte à la bouille" in the heart of her old wood stove.

Alphonsine is also Jeanne, an exceptional woman who has passed on her knowledge to the children of the Auvergne all her life, because she shealed them and gave them their future.

Alphonsine, is also Marguerite, a holy woman with this Maguy!

Alphonsine is also Hélène, a girl of immigrants who only dares everything for her family. A hard worker, her greatest comfort was to teach her grandchildren the 400 antics.

Alphonsine, after all it is also Nicole, Annick and all these women who have raised, loved and taught the values of sharing, of which we are very proud today and who we want to share with you wholeheartedly.